About Us

Legal Consulting Firm MOUCHARFIECH, ABOGADOS comprises a group of professionals with solid academic training and a recognized specialist trajectory. It provides comprehensive assistance to Venezuelan and foreign companies and corporations as well as to national, regional and local public sector agencies facing the requirements of adapting their structures and strategies to a new juridical reality.


Permanent legal assessment

The firm offers its clients permanent maximum quality legal assessment with regard to each law: Administrative, Tax, Commercial, Maritime, Trade Mark, Financial, Procedural and Civil. The firm would then prepare any type of juridical opinion, corporate analyses the follow-up of judicial processes and administrative procedures.

The members of MOUCHARFIECH, ABOGADOS are graduates from the foremost Venezuelan universities, with postgraduate studies in different areas. These professionals have first-hand knowledge of how all levels of public government function because they have provided advisory services to agencies in the public sector.
In this firm, we are committed to the future and in that sense, our aim is to deliver quality services efficiently, in our desire to establish lasting ties with our customers.

Legal consulting firm MOUCHARFIECH, ABOGADOS, serves at national and international level, with headquarters in Maracaibo, State of Zulia, where member lawyers have been practicing for over a decade, with correspondents in Caracas and Maturín and in Miami, USA. In the State of Zulia, we represent several prestigious law firms with headquarters in Caracas.

Our Members

Halim Moucharfiech Uzcategui

Lawyer graduated from La Universidad del Zulia in 1978, Post Degree in Administrative Law from the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (1999). Founder of the Legal Office Moucharfiech Abogados. He was lawyer of the legal desk BELLOSO & ASSOCIADOS, and of the law firm LA ROCHE. Professor of Constitutional Law at La Universidad del Zulia. Decorated with the Order Arminio Borjas in his First Class. He was Legal Adviser of Detachment No.30 of the Armed Forces of Cooperation, Banco Hipotecario Del Este, C.A., Auto Agro de Maracaibo, Zulia Tract, S.A., Banco Hipotecario Unido, S.A. He has participated in various courses and conferences. Has advised for more than 25 years to different companies in the civil, mercantile, tributary and maritime area.

Luisa Moucharfiech Parra

Lawyer graduated from La Universidad del Zulia (2004). Joined the firm since 2003 as a legal assistant. She has exerted especially in the mercantile and civil area. Associate Partner of Moucharfiech Abogados, since May 2006.
Languages: Spanish and English

Luisana Moucharfiech Parra

Attorney graduated from Rafael Belloso Chacín University. Joined the firm since she was a student in 2010.
Languages: Spanish and English.

David Moucharfiech Parra

Associate Partner of Moucharfiech Abogados, since May 2006 (Maracaibo, Zulia State). Lawyer, graduated from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (UCAB) 2003, with specialization in Tax Law of the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV) 2009. Graduated from the Advanced Management Program (PAG) of the Institute of Advanced Management Studies (IESA) 2010. Magister in Law with emphasis in International Business Law of the Universidad Externado of Colombia (2016). Member of the Venezuelan Association of Tax Law. Member of the Legal Committee of the Venezuelan American Chamber of Industry and Commerce (VENAMCHAM – Zulia). Visiting Professor in the Taxation Program (Specialization) of the Division of Studies for Graduates of the Economic and Social Sciences Faculty of La Universidad del Zulia. Professor of Civil Practice at La Universidad del Zulia (2015). Author of various papers published in the Public Law Yearbook of the Universidad Monteávila, Journal of Tax Law (AVDT) and articles of opinion in the newspaper El Universal. Prize to the student UCABISTA (2003).
Languages: Spanish and English

María de los Ángeles Portillo Reverol

Lawyer graduated from the Rafael Belloso Chacín University (URBE), in November of 2.006. Appointed as Accidental Secretary of the Third Court of First Instance in Civil, Mercantile and Transit of the Judicial District of the Zulia State, in 2007. Degree student in “Specialization in Labor Law and Social Security”, At the Rafael Urdaneta University (URU). Currently Litigating Lawyer and Legal Assistant to the Legal Office Moucharfiech Abogados, S.C.
Languages: Spanish and English

Associated Or External Advertising

Patricia Rumbos Zurita

She graduated from La Universidad del Zulia, in February 1992. She joined the firm as a lawyer in 2006. She has specialization courses in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution at the Harvard University, Massachusetts, 1996. Participated in the course Program of Instruction for Lawyers (PIL), at Harvard University, Massachusetts, 1996. She was Head of the Legal Department of the Port Authority of Zulia State, between 1992 and 1995 and participated in the decentralization process of the Port of Maracaibo. She was Executive and Manager of Banking Companies, Western Region, Banco de Venezuela (1999-2001). Banesco, West Region, Banesco Banco Universal. (2001-2003). She held the position of Special Risk Insurance Advisor with CH Toro International, LTD. Maracaibo, Caracas and Miami, 2004-2005.
Languages: Spanish and English


Luisa Ferrer

She holds a degree in Public Accountancy from Universidad Católica Andres Bello (UCAB). She worked for more than 5 years in an international firm of Auditors. She has more than 10 years of experience in the accounting and auditing area. She has participated in various courses and conferences on the subject.
Languages: Spanish and English


Jacqueline Luzardo

Joined the firm in 2015 in the Administrative area. She holds a degree in public accounting, duly registered at the School of Accountants of Zulia State.